Alfonso planned and guided multiple bike rides that were great for families with kids. He and his co-guide were extremely careful in making sure that children were safe during the rides. He also planned stunning, scenic bike rides for the adults with plenty of challenging climbs, such as Cap Formentor and Sa Calobra. At the same time, he arranged for caring babysitters so we knew the kids were looked after well while we were out cycling. Sheila Talwar, Seattle, USA.


We have a good network of small, rural and boutique bed and breakfasts that provide a personalised and welcoming service, allowing you and your family to get to know a little more about the places you visit along the way and its people.

We usually like to mix the accommodation so you get to spend some time near the coast, it's an island anyway, but also sometime in the charming Mallorcan countryside.

If you prefer to be based in one place and avoid the packing and unpacking with the whole family, have the privacy of your one holiday villa, we have a handful of handpicked houses that are great bases for a memorable family vacation... and a handful of local chefs who come to you and prepare delicious meals.



At the heart of all of our experiences, there's always the bicycle and the great joy of discovering Mallorca while riding through its quiet country roads. As much as Mallorca's famous for all the cycling and being the base for many pro riders, it's also an amazing place for a first biking trip experience, with it's incredible network of country roads, linking together the endless charming villages and gentle rolling terrain. For families, Mallorca offers a great variety of routes and activities so everyone can enjoy, and giving the little ones their first taste of traveling a new land on the bikes... priceless!!!


A favourite for families is coasteering which is essentially a combination of very little hiking and swimming, with some very easy to moderate cliff jumping into the sea, and depending on the location, swimming into sea caves. It might sounds intimidating but it's an activity which easily adaptable to everyone in the family and done with our very professional and friendly guides and high quality equipment, it's super safe while creating a fun and rewarding challenge for the kids, giving them a boost of confidence and a memorable experience... and did we mention how good it is for those hot summer days!!!



While not being the usual family activity, it's a regular favourite amongst our guests and you'd be surprised how much kids can get into it. And since we believe that EVERYBODY should do yoga regardless of their gender, age, fitness and flexibility (being inflexible is not an excuse, it's another reason) we like to offer the possibilities of private classes right in you room, terrace or backyard on your own private villa. Very appropriate after the daytime activities.


Oh well, I know there's not particularly an active way of spending the day by chilling on a boat sipping in a few cocktails and enjoying the sun, but it's a holiday, and it's a lovely island, so it's only natural to go out and explore the breathtaking coastline by the sea. Whether on a traditional Llaut (Mallorca traditional motor vessel), a small sailing boat or keeping in active by going on a guided kayaking excursion, it's a great way of spending a day by the water and keeping it fresh,



Prices for our family holidays are as personalised as the holiday itself, and it depends in the type of accommodation, length of stay, number of people and/or number of families involved, activities planned, guides, privates chef, level of support required and much more.

From experience, our family holidays can start from around 4000 euros per week per family (family of 3-4 people), but that number can vary a lot depending on the type of accommodation specially and the level of support required:

These prices usually include:

- All accommodations, breakfasts and eco taxes.

- Bicycle rental

- Vehicle support with guide during the activities.

- All transfers (airport transfers, luggage transfers between hotels, any transfers logistically needed during the rides, NOT dinner transfers to restaurants)

- Welcome to Mallorca Pack from Mills & Honey

- All of Mills & Honey planning fees, on-trip assistance and taxes.

- Some extra guided activities like Kayak, yoga classes, hiking or coasteering excursions for example.

If you want to find out more, please feel free to contact us and we can start planning the family (or families) holiday of a lifetime:

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