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  • Alfonso Ochoa Vega

Sunday Sunset at Sa Calobra

The Palma Vela regatta was held in Palma last week and the Bay of Palma served as stage to some of the biggest names in the maxi yacht sailing world which use this week as a warm up and tune up to the racing season in the Med ahead.

With all the big and fast yachts, a big number of sailors show up in Mallorca and having worked for a few years on sailing yachts it’s been a pleasure to host some old friends and catch up after a good winter of snow, cycling, training and family… the usual things us sailors happen to neglect during the busy summers.

Matteo was here few days before the race so we had a couple of quick spins near Palma and while having a chat I discovered that despite having spent quite some time in the island over the years, he had never been to Sa Calobra.

So a short-ride Sunday mission was rapidly planned and after their race, we met up near the port with a couple of his crew members, chucked the bikes in the Van and headed up Inca’s way. A quick phone call to book us a yum dinner at Ca Na Toneta after the ride, and so we stopped at the Col de Sa Batalla coffee shop to ride to Sa Calobra and back up at sunset… What a ride it was!!! It’s early May and when you get to Sa Calobra you usually find hundreds of cyclists, cars, motorcyclists and tourist coaches which all drive down to enjoy this magnificent road but at the same time take all the poetry away from such stunning place… None of that this time! The late afternoon time allowed us to enjoy the road to ourselves, only cyclists to be seen, the sunset light making the whole scene surreally beautiful, the spring chilly-crisp air perfect for an evening out on the bike… a Sunset ride to Sa Calobra, maybe a weekly one of this should be organized! And yes dinner was awesome as usual…

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