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A weekend of cycling, honey, olives and fun!

Cycling Daytrips Mallorca Group Caimari.jpeg

November is such a good month to hang out in Mallorca. The touristic season it’s really finally over, because even during October you can actually feel and see a lot more people than normal, a lot of cyclists on the road enjoying the warmer weather than in the North and everywhere you go for meals and drinks you feel people working there are really looking forward to the winter months coming and get the busy hectic season over.

Not with cycling though, summer it’s quite slow with cyclists visiting Mallorca and not too crowded on the road, so once September’s here and temperature starts to drop, we get busy with people from all over the World who come to Mallorca to enjoy their Fall Cycling Holidays and experience Mallorca on a dream Cycling Trip, so we have a really short and fun Fall Cycling Season which we really enjoy before the Winter and the training season begins.

In November, there’s a town Fair practically every weekend. There’s the Pumpkin Fair in Muro, the Dijous Bo Fair in Inca which is the biggest agricultural and gastronomic festival in the island, and this past weekend there were the Honey Fair in Llubi and the Olive Fair in Caimari.

We got together with Personal Trainer Katie Handyside who works at the Superyacht Shipyard here in Palma and we organised a Cycling Daytrip for a group of yachties, clients of Katie who train at her studio, and some other friends and got together on Saturday morning, 15 bikes inside our Van and we headed up to Caimari where we started our Bike Tour around the Binissalem Wine Country region and back to Llubi thru the quite roads of the Cami Vell de Muro. All together there were 17 of us and we got the feeling that everyone had a blast of time. We stopped at Llubi for a coffee stop, some a bit more, and by the time we got back to Caimari we had ridden over 50 Km, we had enjoyed a winderfull day of Cycling around Mallorca and I think the majority of the group got that sense of freedom and achievement of spending the day in active, healthy way and getting immersed in Mallorca’s landscape and experiences one of the most fun and famous Fairs in the Island.

Bike Trips Mallorca Van Alaro.jpeg

The van with 15 bikes and 9 people ready to roll

Majorca Bicycle Trips.JPG

The Girls smashing it up the hill after Llubi... well done!

Cycling Daytrips Mallorca Llubi.jpeg

This a what coffee stop means for an Italian... grande Ricci!!!!!!

Sunday was a bit of a different story. Always organising Cycling Holidays in Mallorca for families, couples and group of friends and trying our best to plan the best Cycling Trip possible which includes excellent rural hotels, authentic local restaurants and connecting all this with the best cycling routes of Mallorca, we decided to organise a fully supported cycling day out with our significant others and getting them to experience some of the cycling in Mallorca. So we got 9 of us and met in Bunyola at a friend’s place who offer himself to ride the van to follow us all the way trhu the wine country and to Llubi where we stopped to have a look at the Honey Fair and then over to Caimari, to visit again the Olive Fair.

As some of you know, we’re taking care of some bee hives that we found at some friend’s recently bought place in Llucmajor that you can read at this and this blog entries from April and June, so the visit to Llubi had a leisure and also a research objective as we need to find a few contacts that help us with the first harvest of our bees honey once the time is right near the spring and this was the perfect place for it as all of the honey producers, and honey related articles producers were in displayed in Llubi’s Square where a big crowd of people form all over Mallorca came to enjoy the delicious and healthy liquid.

Cycling Day trip Sunday.JPG

Sunday ride to llubi in stunning weather, great friends and lovely ride

Cycling and Fun Mallorca.JPG

Honey Fair love from my friends... funny lads

Then we head to Caimari, again almost 50 Km later under the gorgeous and crisp light of November, and with a stiff wind on our backs, everyone made it to Caimari in strong fashion and we had time to enjoy the busy Olive and local produces display which extend all over Caimari’s little old village.

A great weekend of cycling along great routes, great friends, charming Mallorca’s Villages and delicious local made honey, olives, almonds, cheese and more…

Next Sunday the 30th of November is the Mushroom Fair in Mancor de la Val, so let’s get this trips going and get more people to enjoy Mallorca in a healthy and active way, and get more people out on their bikes… Happy days!!

Caimari Olive Fair.jpeg

Caimari's square on adorned for the olive fair on Sunday

Olives Caimari.jpeg

And the olives...

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