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Multi Activity Holidays Mallorca 2015 - Part 1

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The sport of Cycling in growing in popularity at an amazing rate in the last few years, as it’s been the case with running, yoga, hiking, triathlon and other healthy and active ways of getting into and keeping a healthy lifestyle.

With this growth, the industry of active and sports holidays is becoming more and more popular as many people taking holidays to participate in marathons and running races, triathlons, swimming races, etc. And those not getting into racing, they go and enjoy their holidays in an healthy and active way either on cycling trips, hiking holidays, yoga retreats, detox weeks, boot camps like our friend Katie Handyside offers here in Mallorca and in multi activity holidays are becoming increasingly popular.

Here in Mallorca cycling’s always been a huge part of the culture but in the later years there’s been a huge increase in the cycling holidays offered around the island by many tour operators and many hotels which are becoming “bike-friendly” or offering spaces in their venues to specifically rent, store and maintain bicycles.

With this in mind we in Mills and Honey Cycling Mallorca are starting to offer a diversity of multi activity holidays in 2015 where we plan to provide a unique, diverse, personal and intimate experience for our guests, in which we want to show them Mallorca in many angles, the cycling, hiking, yoga by the Sierra Tramuntana, sailing and try to mixing them up to so they can absorb the most of Mallorca’s landscape and culture.

The first of these holidays we have set up at the moment is a couple of yoga and cycling weekends during January and February, with the idea of offering our guests a chance to get rid of the sluggishness of the Christmas Holidays and the chilly winter months.

The focus will be in offering our guests a couple of invigorating and restorative Vinyasa yoga sessions a day, with professional and qualified instructor from the popular studio in Palma, Earth Yoga. After a healthy breakfast and yoga session in the morning, we can go for couple of easy and stunning bike rides for cyclists of any level, so the we have some time to chill at our lovely accommodation Boutique Hotel Rural Son Ametler in the skirts of Sierra Tramuntana where we can breath in the tranquil mountain air, relax by the garden with views of the stunning hills and enjoy the tasty and healthy food with fun and enriching company, all catered in a personal and loving way.

It’s like a Yoga Retreat with some stunning and exciting cycling thrown in the middle so we can all have a look and take in the beauty of Mallorca during those winter months, all in an active, healthy and sustainable way.

An of course all of our rides in top of the range carbon bikes from Bikehead Mallorca so we can enjoy our ride in a smooth and effortless way.

In the next few weeks we will be putting together a few Sailing and Cycling Holidays packages for the early Spring and summer months, thus combining two of the big reason people come to Mallorca for, the Mediterranean Sea with its stunning beaches and Calas, and the stunning cycling routes Mallorca’s so famous for… and of course delicious, healthy and responsible food.

In our next blog post we’ll be going into more detail about the other multi-activity Holidays we can offer in Mallorca and a few of the best Sport events on the island.

And Happy December everyone!!! Stay active, stay warm, stay safe and always go for a ride :-)

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