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A day of bikes and wines in Mallorca

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On Saturday the 13th we had our final cycling tour in Mallorca of 2014 and as usual this one was great fun. We too 14 people around Mallorca cycling along great routes, enjoying an active day out and getting to know very interesting people alike. We want tell you a little more about our cycling day trips now so here we go.

To start off there was the plan. Last month, as you can recall on this blog post, we went for a cycling trip from Caimari around the wine region of Binissalem, through Llubí and back to Caimari where we enjoyed of the local Olive Fair which spread all over town. As some people were interested in coming back, we thought it would be cool to prepare a little different route and event so they would see something different. So we called the girls at Bodega Ribas in Consell, always so receptive and welcoming, and organized a wine tasting event at the end of the ride in their little refuge in the middle of the Manto Negro vines. So after their effort people would be rewarded with a delicious meal and wine by the fireplace in this cozy little rural house.

So we went on printing a few flyers and we spread them around the shipyards and Marinas in Palma to get some of the young people working on the yachts a chance to explore and see the other side of Mallorca they don’t usually get to see. Our friend Katie Handyside obviously being the most important part of this side of the operation was all business and we got together a group of 14 riders all keen for a great cycling adventure.

As usual the boys from Bikehead Mallorca got our bikes tip top tidy and ready by the time we arrived and everybody got a little feel of their bike and got ready for a little taste of cycling holidays in Mallorca.

The ride would be about 50 Km and take us from Alaro, down to Lloseta and across to cami Vel de Muro where we would head to Sencelles, and then to Algaida where we would have a coffee stop and a cheeky snack, before cycling with the beautiful scenery of the Sierra Tramuntana right in front of us, through Santa Eugenia and finishing off at the Ribas vineyard as planned.

The group great fun and the riding pace was surprisingly fluid, everybody feeling super confident on their bikes, apart from some shaky moments :-o , but we believe everyone had a great time and they actually realized how cycling can be such a cool and rewarding way to exploring Mallorca, or any new landscape for that matter, and we like that very much.

You see, we believe that the more people get into cycling, the better our cities and our world will be. So we like to say that the bike is the future. We truly believe this and we live to that standard, using the bike anytime we can, and trying to get as many people into cycling as possible, and that’s what we’d like to think we’re doing here with Mills and Honey Cycling Holidays Mallorca, offering people an opportunity to go and explore Mallorca on two wheels, to get to enjoy the landscape and to feel how rewarding and enriching traveling on a bike can be. If more people realize how powerful this is, the reach of this amazing machine called bicycle, the less they will use car, the more they will be in touch with themselves and with their surroundings, and the better their quality of life will be… so simple but yet so difficult… and so much to talk about this.

So we better get back to the fun side of the story, the wine tasting at Bodega Ribas which was so much fun and such a cool way to end an amazing day. Thanks so much to Sylvia for such a good time and hope we see you all sooner than later for many more cycling holidays in Mallorca, wine tastings, great food and great company.... and did we mention our good friend Thomass who gave us a great help by driving the van down to the wineyard to transfers bikes back to Alaro and pick everyone up back to Palma, THANKS so much Tom!!!!

Winter’s here so more mountain biking to be done at the moment… but I’ll tell you more about that the next time. Take care and keep riding!

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