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Spray Painted Bananas

Juan Diego and Emily slowing down at every bit of shade... just like sheep :-)

To be honest with you (invisible friend reading this), there’re many great things about developing this project or idea I decided to call 'Mills and Honey' and working with cycling holidays in Mallorca.

For a start I’m in Mallorca, which makes me happy most of the time… and when it doesn’t, well I just remind myself I need to make 'Mills and Honey' work very well so I can keep traveling and surf the waves I don’t surf here.

It also means that when I’m not out cycling with guests, or good friends, or driving around this amazing island running errands, I get to work from home, living healthily, every now and then going for a cheeky dinner out at some of the lovely restaurants we’re lucky to have in Mallorca… or just chilling out by the beach at one of many 'chiringuitos'… or hiking around the Tramuntana… anyway, you (of course you did my invisible friend), Mallorca is just awesome and I am, and do feel, lucky to be here.

And then there’s the people I get to meet, my guests. From the moment I receive their first contact and requests, a relationship starts, in which we try to find out as much as possible about their tastes and expectation, their style of travel and what they are looking for by contacting me at Mills and Honey, and then that guy Fonz at the other end of the screen becomes a character of their holiday. The people we meet traveling, how much they make of our travels. By the time we’re finalising all details regarding their cycling trip and bookings I end up sending hugs in every email as if I’ve known these people for ages.

So after spending the last 12 years of my life constantly on the move, it's great to be here and have a constant flow of people willing to share some of their lives and travels with me… just so I don’t miss traveling that much.

And after all that babbling about, we get to the point of the blog post today… Emily and a very funny story (at least for me) about her life and book. A couple of weeks ago I met Emily. We were introduced through an email from , a website in which Mills and Honey is featured as a cycling tour operator, and for whom Emily is recently working as a reporter. Her mission was to go out on a bike day trip around Mallorca, which I was in charge of organising it as I do, and she was supposed to write things about cycling in Majorca and how awesome Fonzie and Mills and Honey are.

Emily is a writer who is soon to publish her third book and the funny story relates to her second book which she decided to call Spray Painted Bananas which I thought (and she did too) was a really cool name, so cool that I decided to call my post Spray Painted Bananas (not very cycling or Mallorca or holidays related but what the….). Some others at the editor office had other ideas about the title of the book and they thought the book would sell way better if it was called The Temp, and make the cover a little girly and cheesy and make it look as if it was a romantic chick flick. Well I won't be the judge of that but coming from Venezuela where movie titles get change from let’s say 'Snatch' to 'Pigs and Diamonds', or 'Memento' to 'Amnesia' (anyone who watched the film can remember the poor guy saying it was not Amnesia like 6 times along the movie), so it makes you wonder if “they” (whoever THEY are)do actually watch the movie… or read the book… Anyway, I thought it was funny, it was probably funnier when I heard it the first time but I’ve written all this and now I have to finish it somehow.

Ah yes, the bike ride. Emily loved cycling in Mallorca (not) and apart from almost being cooked under the blazing summer sun around the Binissalem wine country, the wine at Bodega Ribas was good enough to make her write good things about Mills and Honey and what a great idea coming for cycling holidays in Mallorca is. You can read her article here.

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