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  • Alfonso Ochoa Vega

November, "off" season in Mallorca

With the weather turning "cold" only this week, last week of November, in our pretty Mallorca, we want to take a little look back at what has been some amazing three weeks of sun, hikes, and lots of cycling in our fun little playground, Mallorca

With so much talk of “desestacionalización” (it’s even hard to pronounce in Spanish don’t worry) or how to make the season longer in Mallorca and the role of cycling and sports holidays in achieving such common goal, November has been unmerciful warm, sunny and just plain perfect as to remind us all how lucky we are to live here and what we can do it to promote Majorca as an off season and active holidays destination.

On my part and after a busy season which never really quieted down since May, I took off for loads of fun in the sun and show you all what we get up to these few weeks in which many hotels, restaurants and hospitality establishments start closing their doors for their winter break and, or maybe because, many airlines start reducing the amounts of flights coming to the island.

To start things off and celebrate the beginning of our winter break we planned an across-the-island-ride with a small group of very strong riders at what supposed to be a steady pace all the way to Artá, to try what they call supposedly the best pa amb oli of Mallorca. 200… excuse me, 198 Km later at a brisk over 31 Km/h (steady pace for only 4 of us) the winter break had started of with a bang, and didn’t really feel like much of a break.

The other great news of the last few weeks for cyclist in Mallorca has been the resurfacing of the climb up to Cura Monastery which being one of the most import cycling routes in Majorca, it featured a rather below-par tarmac which didn’t actually match the views on offer in such iconic climb.

Well then, not anymore, and so it confirms the fact of how spoiled we cyclist are in this place. Since the end of October the whole climb to Cura Sanctuary has been closed due to road works for improving the tarmac of the whole climb starting from Randa. So when the news got out that they finished ahead of schedule and reopened the road we quickly head out there and enjoy the place almost to ourselves.

3 weeks and over 1200 Km later, cycling is not the only thing we’ve been up to lately. A day off the saddle just over a week ago and starting from Santa Maria (only 15 minutes from Palma) we took the easy hike up to la Vall de Coanegra to visit the overwhelming Avenc de Son Pou, a massive oval cave of around 70 to 150 in width and above 70 meters high with a 8 to 10 meter diameter hole on the top providing the natural lightning to the cave.

Look there's a person in the pictures to have an idea of the size of the cave

Only A little drive from Palma and then a short easy hike to the cave, it’s just unbelievable to find such places of stunning natural beauty, so diverse to anything I had previously seen in Mallorca, which only reminds me of how this place never stops to amaze me, keeps me on my toes always curious and wanting to discover every little thing about her. But it’s also the familiar faces we’ve gotten to know in the last few months that make this place so special. Some of this familiar faces we can find in Bodega Ribas, the oldest and friendliest winery in Mallorca, and usual stop after our cycling daytrips, they’re always welcoming us to sit down and have a nice time, sipping some of their delicious and soulful wine at their delightful venue. So we took advantage of their hospitality to enjoy some down time after our hike.

And as if riding bikes, hiking and visiting amazing caves, and drinking great wine wasn’t enough, we finished the weekend off with a very cool reggae concert in Sheela’s Playground surrounded by the same Mantonegro vineyards we were drinking a couple days before, a beautiful starred clear night and plenty of good company to share the tunes and love of this place.

I’ve said it before and probably a 100 times, and I’ll say it again, I just love this place. Mallorca you rock!

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