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Our Guests Stories... A punchy climb????

In our day to day updates for the following two weeks, here we have Jo's account of the ride from Port de Soller to Selva including not an early start (unlike the ride to Cap Formentor Lighthouse... see picture below), some magnificent country lanes, some sort of little and punchy climb (whatever that means) and as always some stunning views... same as yesterday and for the next week, Thank you JOJOOO!!!

Early Start to avoid the Cap Formentor traffic...

Today - I am sitting out on my patio - up in the mountains at our next lovely hotel. Hotel Son Ametler. It’s only 3:30 and our cycling clothes are washed as well as our bodies. Such a great day!

We enjoyed breakfast at the hotel, gathered on the street ready to cycle out to the mountains. Cyndy, Dave, and I were sporting our fancy new Italian cycling kits. (My first ever real biking outfit!). Feeling pretty special! Bear in mind that the bike shop is right around the corner from the hotel . . . And we’ve all been there several times . . . The others took a look at us - and what do you think? Everyone wanted in on these fancy duds! 😀.

Looking sharp and fast!!!

So - we were in no rush and the ride was not so long - so we did a side trip back to the bike shop! Colette and Tom got shirts as well! Off we went - out of town and off along these amazing bike roads they have here in Mallorca. Narrow - through the countryside - mostly trafficked by fellow cyclists. Only an occasional car . .. mostly flat. Awesome riding!

We stopped for a coffee in a small village and then headed off again. There was an optional short ride “up a 3 km punchy climb with some great views of the Tramuntana Mountains). For lunch. Since we had plenty of time today and we were not sure if we’d get lunch otherwise - the consensus was to go for this punchy little climb. Well! It was steep. Lots of tight switchbacks. We did not think it was so “little”. But - we made it to the top and did enjoy the super views of the countryside from up there!

It's not that steep!!!!

GOOD posing Dave!!!


Lunch was great! A buffet with freshly baked bread and lots of salad type things. We did enjoy that lunch. 😀. And no complaints about the punchy little climb!

Then - it was only 8 or 9 miles to our wonderful hotel. Big rooms. Balconies or patios. A bottle of wine awaiting us. Lots of space. Happy travelers!

Tonight we dine at Ca Na Toneta. Fonzie promises we will love it there! We can eat here for the next two nights!



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