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Our guests stories... Wine tasting in Mallorca

How about this fence?

So today, we decided to treat ourselves to an easy day on the bikes . . Imagine that? 😀. Our quads are hurting from yesterday’s major hike up Massanella - and Fonzie was thoughtful enough to find us a nice flat bike ride around the countryside . . . With one little punchy hill thrown in for good measure - of course! Some of us (Dave, Jo, Cyndy) decided to skip that part of the ride . . Because - why?! We are riding a major hill tomorrow. We are resting up! 😀. Laurie and Colette decided to really rest up and just bike into town for lunch . . . All good!

Would you believe snails living on these old branches . . .

It was a wonderful ride, past vineyards and farmyards and cool little villages. Mostly wonderful roads . . A few sections with some really scary potholes you definitely wanted to avoid . . .

We think this is an old olive tree . . . Not sure . . But we like the bicycle! 😀

Riding into town . . .

We had coffee in one little town and then met the others for lunch in Caimari, a very small village just outside our hotel. Cervesa tasted mighty good. And we paired that with a burger and french fries! Would you believe? 😀

We actually cut this in thirds! 😜

Wine tasting at Ribas happened at 4:00. Fonzie arranged this adventure for us at the oldest winery on the island. This winery has been in the family for over 300 years. The wine makers are a brother and sister- 13th generation winemakers! They grow all their own grapes and some of the vines are really old. They are an organic vineyard and they sell out of their wine every year. We toured the winery and then tasted four different wines. Two of the reds were a blend - the same blend of grapes but aged in different barrels. Also - some of the grapevines were 35 years old - some 65 years old. . Amazing how different the wine tasted . . Of course, I liked the more expensive wine! It is sold out - so I couldn’t buy any . . . 😝. Oh well . . .

Ready for action . . .

Our tasting came with lots and lots of horsd'oeuvres. Lots! And we had a wonderful guitar player to entertain us . . Do you think we are getting spoiled? 😀

Dinner tonight in the hotel dining room - where the food is fantastic!




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