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Our guests stories... Caimari to Orient

After a 4 nights stay in Hotel Son Ametler, near Selva and Caimari, the party from Maine head over to the little mountain village of Orient for some quiet time, hiking, and that famous lamb restaurant... not before a bit of Santi Taura, wall climbing and a failed attempt at trespassing into their room ;-p

So - we had an interesting evening . . . We all had a reservation at Santa Taura, Fonzie’s favorite restaurant. It is another tasting place with lots of courses - but doesn’t start serving dinner until 8:30. Five of us decided, instead, to dine at our fantastic hotel at 8:00. Laurie and John joined Fonzie and some of his friends at Santa Taura. The five hotel folks were fed and tucked in bed by 10:00 or so. John and Laurie, on the other hand, didn’t arrive back at the hotel until 12:45. Unfortunately, they forgot to take their key and our place gets locked up good and tight. So . . John tried to scale the rock wall (their room is on the second floor), jump the fence, and climb in through their window off the patio. It was shut up tight. (Bear in mind that all of this activity was happening after several glasses of wine . . 😜). So - they knocked on our door (which is in the new section and not accessed by the front door.). Knock knock knock at 12:45. “It’s John and Laurie - we are locked out and hoping we can use your key to get in the front door . .” We obliged and they finally got in . . Pretty funny . .

We hated to leave Son Ametler. James and Leigh were so accommodating and the food and rooms were outstanding. Not to mention the scenery . . Oh well . . We had one last breakfast in their outdoor, glassed in dining room - and headed off on our trusty bikes. Today’s ride was very cool - past vineyards and small towns. Along some bigger roads and along some country lanes. There were tons of cyclists out on the roads today - perhaps because it’s some sort of Independence Day and the kids are all off from school . . These groups are BIG. 15 to 20 cyclists at times and they go past us with a whoosh! As in fast! We think they are not “smelling the roses!” 😜 They are often not all that friendly either . . . Just training hard. As opposed to our little group of seven - who are out for exercise but also trying to really enjoy all that Mallorca has to offer . . . 😀

Not much room on these streets . .

Grape vines and mountains. What’s not to like?

Every town has a cool church beaconing us.

We had lunch in a town along the way . . This town had lots of one way streets and it took us awhile to find a square - but we had great bocadillos ( ham and cheese with tomatoes) and cokes for 2 euros 50. Such a deal! The bread was hot and crusty - right from the oven! We headed off once again for Orient - a tiny town tucked up in the mountains. To get there, you have to climb up the Col de Honor, about five and a half kilometers long but quite steep in places. Plus - it was pretty hot by now. We were all happy to see the summit! 😀.

Beautiful scenery along the climb

Then - it was all downhill into Orient. It took us awhile to find the hotel. It’s up a very steep little lane. Orient has no stores. Just a restaurant and very cool houses! We checked into our rooms (which are all amazing), had a beer in the bar, and now we’re planning happy hour, which will take place on our upper deck! Our place is like a flat with a separate sitting room. So cool! We dine tonight in the hotel dining room.

The entrance to Hotel Son Palou

Icy cold cervesa! Can’t beat it!

Son Palou, our hotel, is an ancient farmhouse built in the 15th century. It was restored into a small hotel in 2000. Tomorrow we hike!

Dave admires the scenery from our lower patio. Note his fancy new bike shirt! 😀




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