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Our guests stories... Hike to Puig de Alaro

So today was another day off the bikes. I hesitate to say it was a “rest day” because our hiking days always turn out to be rather major hikes . . . 😜. And we certainly don’t feel overly rested when we finish!

We slept in . . Imagine! Had breakfast and were on the road by 10:15 or so. We headed off down the road away from the hotel. It was a good mile before we reached the signpost, pointing us off in the direction of the hike. It was solidly up, passing through terraced lands supporting olive trees. The age of some of these trees is ancient. Hard to believe they can still support fruit . . . Up and up and up some more . . eventually reaching steps which continued to take you up towards the old castle.

We could hardly believe this fellow was biking along our trail . . .

You enter the ruins of the castle through a stone archway. The current ruins date from the 15th century - but initially it was the final island stronghold of the moorish occupants of Mallorca. We explored the ruins, had some coffee, and, of course, took a lot of pictures! 😀. The views into the Orient Valley were beautiful. On the other side, you could see down towards Porto. Super vistas! Fun for us camera crazies!

Dave looking out over Orient Valley

Castle shots

Same spot. Different people! 😀

And then - it was head down down down over the steps and around the countryside - heading towards our lunch spot. Once we reached the end of our trail, we started up once more. This time along a road that winds around the hillside to Es Verger. This place is famous for shoulder of lamb. Its literally in the middle of nowhere! It’s a pretty rustic place which sports a huge pile of wood just outside the barn. This wood is used to cook the lamb. Also on the menu was roasted suckling pig, a vegetable soup that Tom said was amazing. You sit at long wooden tables with whoever else is eating at that time. Reminds me of Durgen Park in Boston. We ordered lots of different things. Dave and I split one shoulder of lamb meal. Delicious!

Heading down

Lamb shoulder. Would you believe this is lunch?

This is our lunch spot

So - it was head up again - first by the road and then along a path that headed very steeply up and eventually connected with the path we needed to take down. Once we reached the bottom, we walked the mile or so back to Orient, all of us dreaming of the icy cold cervesa we were going to enjoy in town! There was one place open and serving food. We were lucky to find a table! It’s dinner in town tonight. We’re all hankering for more paella!

22,000 steps and ten miles of walking.






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