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Our guests stories... Orient to Port de Soller

I can't believe it's been already 12 days since the Maine party arrived in Mallorca and they literally have not stopped one day. Everything there is to do and I've suggested, they are up for it... great work guys. Today they go from Orient little village back to the coast to the lovely Port de Soller over the twisty and picturesque Coll de Soller... here's what they found along the way:

So we left Orient this morning. Once again - we hated to leave this beautiful mountain town. We dined last night at a neighboring hotel . .. where we could get a reservation at 7:30. Unheard of in these parts! 😜. We were hankering for paella - hadn’t had any since we left Barcelona . . . And was it ever good! You could order seafood, meat and seafood, or meat and vegetable paella - for any amount of people. So we had the best paella, accompanied by their house wine for a very reasonable price! Our waiter was a bit gruff at first but we worked it out and were all good friends by the time we left . . Many of the other dining parties of two and four seem to be pretty envious of all the fun our little group of seven has . .. we try to not be the obnoxious Americans. And I think we mostly succeed . . . 😀

One euro for these wonderful little money cases! Such a deal!

Lots to buy . . What can we carry? What do we need?

So we headed off in the cool morning air - down the big hill on the other side of Orient . . What a way to begin a bike ride! 😁. Today is Saturday and all the small towns seem to celebrate the weekend by having a local market. Fun to ride by these festive affairs . . Lots of other bikers sharing our roads today . . . We stopped in Bunyola at their market for some coffee and then headed off for the one big climb of the day. (John and Tom had biked the longer route and we didn’t catch up with them until we reached Port Soller).

Met these young cyclists at the market.

Roast chicken for sale . . .

The climb up Col de Soller was awesome! Only about 5 percent gradient and only 5 or 6 kilometers. It was very twisty and turny so that added to the enjoyment of the climb. Jojo didn’t even climb in granny gear - which might be a first for me! 😀. The legs are getting stronger. Of course, Dave reached the top a good ten minutes ahead of me and was taking pictures! We are pretty lucky to have our own private photographer along on this trip! 😀

Jojo finishes the climb with a big smile!

We thought we might have lunch at the top of the climb, but all their tables were reserved so we headed on down. And this was a major down! As in 9 miles of down! The first five miles were twisty and turny - very tight switchbacks. Since I broke my arm, I am very cautious on these downhills. And there is reason to be cautious - with bikers riding up, bikers passing, cars going both ways and very little room on the road! By the time I reached the bottom of the hill, my right hand was completely asleep - from holding onto my brakes so tightly . . Oh well - I didn’t crash!!

Heading down . . .

When we reached the ocean and our hotel, we were starved. It had been a long time since breakfast and we had been active! We met up with John and Tom and headed for a beach type lunch place recommended by the folks at the hotel. This was a very relaxed place - but hopping with business! We were not served for a very long time - so long that we had to order two beers or glasses of wine to fill our bellies while we waited. Not the best . . .

Oh well

Now back at the hotel - relaxing a bit. Dinner at a nice restaurant in town called Kingfisher. Fun to be able to walk to dinner! Tomorrow we hike along the coast. Our trip is winding down . . . 😢




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