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Our guests stories... Discovering how to relax

The beach scene as we walked down to the marina

Heading out of the harbor

Wow. What a day we have had! Finally a true rest day! Tom decided to kayak today. The rest of us spent much of the day on the water - with Fonzie as our captain! Pure heaven. You’ll see how much fun we had from the pictures . . .

We headed out of the harbor, from the marina. First on the agenda was to view Sa Calabra from the water. In case you don’t remember - that was the huge climb and descent we did several days ago. With lots and lots of zig zags in the road, literally hugging the mountainside. Tom and John were the only ones in the group who made it all the way to the bottom and then they turned right around and climbed back up. Dave and I got part way down. So - at the bottom is practically nothing. A small harbor, some sand, maybe one little restaurant. That’s it! You couldn’t even see the road from the water. We were happy to see where it finished. Much easier to view that harbor from the seat of our boat - than from the saddle of our bicycles! 😀

Sa Calobra Harbor

And then we headed in the other direction - so we could see the path we walked yesterday. We couldn’t really see the path - but we could see the rugged coastline! Very rugged. Huge rock formations and all forested. An occasional house would pop up, usually at the top of a huge cliff. But that was about it . . .

Rather a nice spot for a house . . . 😀

Time for a photo shoot! 😀

Lots of camera action. 😜

We stopped in a small, secluded harbor to swim and to have lunch. The water was lovely for swimming - and the lunch we brought was even lovelier! Freshly baked baguettes, salami, cheese, fruit, biscuits, tomato slices, olive oil, and of course, local wine! So awesome!

Fonzie does the honors

Doesn’t this look delicious? We do picnics well! 😀

Chin! Chin! Editor's note: Fonzie's drinking Fanta Grape

We met Tom back at the marina and then we gathered for our celebratory beer . . .

A super fun day for Fonzie's team!





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