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Our guests stories... Scramblin... I mean, hiking to Deia

A nice, casual hike along the coast . . .or NOT! 😜

Evening in Port Soller

View from a Kingfisher

So last night, Fonzie had made a reservation for us at Kingfisher.

This place was awesome! And - we could walk to it! We strolled down along the boardwalk from our hotel, through town, and across to the marina. Up on the second level was Kingfisher . . We dined outside, overlooking the harbor. Amazing food! We started with gin and tonics (there were about 10 variations). Yummy. Laurie had hers with cucumber rather than limes . . . 😜. For example . . . The bread was fresh from the oven and the whole fish we ordered was excellent! Oh so good . . .

Heading down the boardwalk. Pretty easy so far . .

Port Soller from above

Now - for today’s hike. The plan was to leave from the hotel - walk left - find the path - and have a nice casual stroll along the coast . . . That was the plan! However we did know that there was a pretty big elevation gain . . . We did find the path and headed up the stone stairs, along with several other groups, some of them elderly ladies. Just wondering how far those folks got . . . 😜. It wasn’t long before Laurie, John, and Tom were long gone . . The rest of us were meandering a bit and taking lots of pictures! (No surprise to anyone I’m sure . . ).

Fun with the olive trees

Once we hit the top of the first hill, we were walking along a dirt road in amongst hundreds of olive and almond trees. The olive trees were ancient. So gnarly and just elegant! Fun to wonder how many generations of people they have fed . . . We kept on and kept on - following the map Fonzie had put on ride with GPS for us. It was at this point, that we made our first wrong turn . . The first of many. The cell phone beeps at you if you have gone off track . . . So it was turn around - head back up that lovely downhill we had enjoyed - and try to find the path again. There were some signs and occasional cairns - but sometimes, the path went in several different directions and it was hard to know which way to go. . .

Ladders to climb

Dead trees to climb over

Steep and slippery slopes to get down

And - there were many impediments in our path. Logs to crawl over or under. Homemade ladders ( very primitive) you had to go up and over. Some sections very close to the edge of the cliff. And then - we really missed the path. 😖. We found a regular road, thinking maybe that would be easy walking for awhile. Asked some people who were working at a little hotel there. They said you probably could get to Daia that way but you would have to go over a big bump! (As in major hill). QOh well. We headed off down that road but encountered a stone wall with a barbed fence on the top of it. We could see the path on the other side - and we darn well were not going all the way back and around . . .

Hold on or you’ll slip way way down.

So - our hardy little group (Dave, Cyndy, Colette, and I) decided to scale that wall. Which meant climbing up to the top of the stone wall, getting ourselves over the barbed wire fence which rested on top of that wall, and then rappelling over the other side to the bottom. Crazy! A few high fives at the bottom - and we were back on track! We kept on going and going, passing people coming the other way and an occasional camp site, people swimming below. We were wondering if we would make it to Daia in time to catch the public bus back to Port Soller at 2:45. Who knew about lunch or our celebratory cervesa . . .

Don’t get caught on the barbed wire . .

Can I jump now?

Look at the water. It’s so beautiful

We finally hit a small town on the water . . . Not our town . . Oh well . .. we walked up through a parking lot and discovered the path to Daia - of course all up! 😝. Mostly over stone steps. Up and up and up. Finishing up our water. So we finally arrived at our destination around 2:00. We had left the hotel at 9:30. No stops for food or water. Grab it and go . . Interestingly enough, the rest of our crew had only been there for about 5 minutes. We wolfed down the lunch/snack stuff we had brought with us and found a cafe for a beer - which we had to guzzle so that we wouldn’t miss the bus. 😀

Our town! Yeah!

Laurie picked up some flowers for her hat.

Cyndy offered to buy us the beer since she needed change - until we discovered that beer here cost 9 euros each - the same beer we have purchased for 1 or 2 euros. “This is a five star hotel, you know . ..” pretty funny . . We did get some potato chips and marcona almonds for free. And - since we paid so much for the beer, we decided to take the almonds with us for happy hour. So there!

Nothing bad about this scene. 😀... Editor's note: well probably the price of that beer ;-p

Back to our town on the public bus. A scary ride over twisty hairpin turns. Don’t know how those bus drivers can do that . .

So - that’s the story of our casual walk along the beautiful coast of Mallorca! It was beautiful!





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