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The 5 Coolest Cycling Jerseys on Mallorca

What better souvenir to take home than a cycling jersey? Here’s our round up of the best:

One of the (important) "tasks" on a trip, a part from disconnecting, having fun and creating a bunch of great memories is to find a cool souvenir so you remember those good times more often. And one of the FAQ's we get is 'where can we find a cool Mallorca jersey'. So here we go, we've gathered a list of some fun options available...


You’ve been asking us for 5 years… so we have finally relented and have designed our very own Mills & Honey Jerseys for the 2023 season. Only available to our guests – they are going to be a prized possession for the lucky owners. In keeping with our efforts to use local and Spanish owned companies, we've teamed up with Gobik for production. We’re in good company as they are also the producers of the Movistar team kits. The jerseys are in production as we speak – so we’re keeping the design under wraps for now…. Watch this space.


Our favourite Cycling Café and meeting spot in our hometown has, as well as great coffee & cakes, some very cool cycling gear. They have full kits in short & long lengths, undershirts, caps, socks, wallets, buffs, bidons – pretty much everything you can think of. Every year they produce a new kit, but the designs are always, different, fun, colourful and cool with a rock and roll edge.


If you're staying at or visiting Port de Pollença, there's a store there called The Bike Rooms (don't bother to look it up online – they don’t have a website!) that has loads of cycling gear and also some cool Mallorca jerseys! If you like a funky style, these options are for you!


The Mallorca 312 is the most famous cycling event on the island, with over 8000 participants coming from all over the world. Named after the distance of the original route – which was actually a circumnavigation of the island. Sadly as the event grew they had to change to the course in order to manage road closures, though they have kept the distance the same. There are also two shorter options – 225km & 167km. Each year the design and colour scheme of the jersey changes and they are worn by participants as a badge of honour. The event is scheduled at the end of April – it could be a great option to co-ordinate your trip here around it & let us organise it for you! Just make sure to let us know before October, as registrations sell out in hours!


This small shop in Deia has a great selection of kit. The shops heritage speaks for itself; started in 2014 and run by the Reynes family– the family are natives of Deia and have cycling pedigree in ex pro-rider Vincente Reynes. Bright colours & simple but stylish designs are sure to remind you of your enjoyable days on the island wherever you take them home to.

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