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Our guests Stories... Sineu Market and Cura Monastery

The Comeaus and company are on the island and what a pleasure it´s been to meet this great group of friends sharing these great experiences together and cycling everywhere I've been telling them to go to... no exception.

Seriously, is not very often that we have a group cycling in Mallorca for 2 weeks and only today after 5 days of cycling, they have taking a day off the saddle... and went hiking the second highest point in Mallorca. Love it!

Jo has been so kind and she´s share her personal blog with us so I can share with you what is like to go on a self guided trip all over Mallorca.

Here´s their first day of cycling, sorry for the delay... more to come in the following days:

Day two on Mallorca - awesome!

So - the town of Sineu is located in the center of the island. There are about 3000 year round residents and a famous market that takes place every Wednesday. We actually planned our trip so,that we would be in this town on Wednesday so we could experience this market. It’s amazing. Sineu is really a sleepy little town - except on Wednesday’s. This place was alive! Jewelry, clothes, veggies, fruit, peppers - about everything you can possibly imagine. The stalls meander around the town, literally taking over all the narrow little streets. And - at the lower level - you encounter the livestock. Everything from roosters to pigeons (imagine paying 5 euros for a pigeon!) to chicks and dogs and piglets! Anna has nine laying hens which she bought there . . . So fun!

Beautiful pottery

After we meandered around the market for awhile, the bikes were calling us. The plan for today was to climb up to Cura Monastery and back to the village of Sineu. It took us quite awhile to get ourselves organized- with the route on our cell phones. We needed water and bars and who knows what else. So . . .we got a bit of a late start . . . The ride was really wonderful. A perfect day with sunshine, light winds, and temps in the lower seventies. Much of the ride was along narrow roads, big enough for a cyclist and maybe one car . .

The ride up to the Monastery was very cool. The pitch was reasonable so you could get into a rhythm and just enjoy the beautiful scenery off to your right. Small towns and beautiful countryside . . We stopped at the top for awhile to catch our breath and take a few pictures . . . Of course . . . . And then we headed down. That was fun! Although the Jojo is a bit cautious on the downhills. I am almost six months from my terrible accident and the arm is healing BUT it is not yet totally right and the last thing I need to do is fall again! 😖

Once down off the hill, we headed back to Sineu, through small towns, on mostly small roads. Some of us were thinking lunch. But not all of us. So . . We kept on and kept an and eventually landed right back in our town square. We were starved and thirsty and the cervesa went down pretty easily! Also - the amazing tuna sandwich we ordered . . Tuna, olives, pickled carrots and cauliflower, tomatoes, onions. Olive oil to make it all work. Happy campers all!

Off to a neat little place for dinner. We are taking the one taxi in town and Anna will be our other driver. We’re glad to be a friends of Anna’s.


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