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COASTEERING in Mallorca: things you should know

Besides cycling and hiking, we offer some optional activities so you never get bored (although that’s quite unlikely here). Given the fact that we’re in the middle of the Mediterranean, enjoying its cristal waters and views from the coast is definitely a must. A simple cooldown dip after your ride during sunset and zipping some Mallorcan wine is already heavenly, but if you’re into trying something more adventurous and fun, we know the perfect activity for you!

A good friend of ours, Sebastián the monkey or Capo as we call him, owns a small local company like Mills & Honey dedicated to outdoor excursions called Rock & Water Mallorca. They offer excursions by sea and land on the island and bring out your most adventurous, daring, and younger side. Mallorca has become a Mecca for climbing on the rocks and cliffs above the water, called Deep Water Soloing. Sebas has hosted many internationally known climbers and artists that have come over to try out some of the best spots.

One of the activities they offer and many of our clients have already experienced, is called ‘Coasteering’. Let's get some more details from Sebas...

Coasteering, how would you describe it?

It's a multi adventure tour on the coast (land and sea) with different activities such as abseiling, cliff jumping, climbing, swimming, sea caving, ziplining, snorkelling and easy free diving. We can do it walking or by boat.

When do you do it and where are the best places?

We do it mainly from March till November. As we use wetsuits the water temperature is not as important as the sea conditions, which are more unstable in Winter. The best area depends on the sea and also on the participants preferences, but Sóller, Pollença and Cala Figuera (Santanyi) are among my favourites.

Anyone can do it? What’s your advise? 

Anyone can do it because nothing is mandatory, some can do a more active and demanding activities while others do easier ones. While some jump from cliffs others can swim to the next stop for example.

How long does the activity last and how high are the jumps?

The tours normally last 4 hours but they can be shorter or longer if the group requires it. We are flexible when organised in advance so the guide doesn't have a second tour that day. The average height for the jumps go from 2 till 8 meters but we've done more than 20 meters many times. A wetsuit is your best friend then.

How likely is it that I'll die while doing it?

Well, if you die you'll miss the rest of the tour so I strongly recommend you to stay alive until the end. 100% of our clients have followed this advice ;)

Is it possible to have a glass of champagne or a gin & tonic on a boat while you watch your friends doing it? Can the whole group just stay on board and drink gin and tonics instead of doing any coasteering at all? How would you call that?

If you're at least 18 year old it'll be ok as soon as everyone is safe and that drink will not affect your conditions for the normal course of the tour. Yes, we can do no coasteering at all, actually we should do that! We can call it 'Coastdrinking'.

We’ve seen a coasteering guide (no naming names) flawlessly doing a backflip from a 6 meters jump, can you do that?

We are a few guides here and everyone has different skills and fears , I use to do backflips but till 5 meters maximum, maybe this year I'll go for the 6, tips will help with my decision (*laughing out loud).

Can you arrange some dolphins to come swim along if we book with you?

Yes, I can arrange it but please don't forget we're in Spain so maybe they are sleeping a siesta and don't appear that day in the end.

Do you want to add a word of advise?

Join an adventure with us and enjoy your cycling rest day as its best!

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