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The coolest Cycling Cafes on Mallorca

If you’re a real cycling fan (and if not too), you will need to visit some of the coolest cycling cafés we have on the island. It’s a place that generally combines great food, amazing cycling products, and an incredible atmosphere. Who wouldn't want to zip on a fresh smoothie or local coffee, whilst meeting (or not) other cyclists (local or foreign) and if possible, buying a super cool souvenir like a jersey, flashy socks or cycling cap? We spend most of our time working in one, although that comes with the occasional distraction, too much coffee, a new jersey every month, and chatting with fellow cyclists. Who cares, it’s the place to be!

Cycling Planet

Located in our hometown and base Alaró, there’s a small but very very cool cycling café called Cycling Planet. It's owned by the 2014 World Champion in track (Madison) David Muntaner and his super friendly and cyclist wife Laura. They team up with David’s brother Albert and his girlfriend Cata, who have also competed in road and track cycling. Once you walk in you honestly don’t know where to look at. The decoration is both amazing and fun, from signatures of pro cyclists on the wall, to handlebars to hold the toilet rolls. They sell all kinds of equipment, from clothes to tools and offer from local coffee to great ‘pa-amb-olis’ (check out out pa-amb-oli post for more info), smoothies, and great cakes! We spend many hours here, and if you visit it, you’ll understand why…

Sa Ruta Verda Very smartly opened at the base of one of the most cycled climbs on the island in the town of Caimari, Sa Ruta Verda is a must-stop (yes, even though you’re about to climb). Our Norwegian and super energetic friend Lennart runs the place. When Sa Ruta Verda opened its doors for the first time in September 2015, it was a big leap of faith for him. After twenty years working in London, opening up a quaint cycling cafe in the sleepy village of Caimari, was the ultimate lifestyle changer. It helped that the area of Caimari is a mecca for riders of all nationalities and abilities, but the rest had to be learned on the shift. The Cafe started to build a little reputation for their artisanal juices and homemade (often vegan) cakes, and it successfully added New York-style bagels to the offering, a year later, after discovering a french baker in Palma with a penchant for bagel making. Lennart and his team also started to experiment with making raw energy bars using predominantly local ingredients, and in 2018, the first "No Shit" bars rolled off the tiny conveyer belt in the cafe.  Their little shop has all kinds of colorful cycling caps, socks, and jerseys, but their organic cotton t-shirts are the coolest and most original options you’ll find on the island. We have some ourselves. Such a great place for a coffee stop!

Reynés Cycling Café / Shop & Bakery The Reynés brothers are quite well known among the Majorcan cycling community. Some of them raced professionally, but are all retired know and running their little café, shop, and bakery. Marc, Pere, and Vicenç have a cute café and shop called Reynés Cycling Café in Port de Soller, where you can get from very tasty pastries and sandwiches from their own bakery to amazing wines and their own jerseys. In Deià, their hometown, they run their bakery (since 1961) and supermarket on the main road and right on the opposite side of the road their own cycling base and shop with more great equipment. Marc is closest to us at Mills & Honey and this ‘piece of bread’ as we call him here in Spain, is always welcoming our cyclist with a smile.

Sa Mola 13 This fairly new Cycling Café is the most centrally located one, in the town of Sineu. Esperanza and Jan run the place and also have a very cool remodeled coffee car they take out on the road to serve groups of cyclists. It’s placed inside the Sa Mola 13 when not out there. Their coffee is top quality and they also serve amazing cakes to go with it, smoothies and great pa-amb-olis. Yummy!

Tell us where you are from and why you started this business?

Sa Mola 13 is a Mallorquin/ German Connection. Esperança the good Soul and Chefbarista is from Binissalem Mallorca and I am from Germany. We started with the beautiful CoffeeCar (Ed note: more on this car further down) and honestly, we were looking just for a garage for the Car. Then we found that amazing location and opened Sa Mola 13, the Car is now parked inside the Cafe.

What's the history behind the cafe's building? 

It used to be a Mill for Corn, then it became a Music Pub, afterward an Art Gallery and now our café Sa Mola 13!

Tell us some fun facts about your cool coffee car! 

 Our Coffee Car is unique and has a strong Soul! It served Coffee to some of the most famous Cyclists in the world. We chose a Renault 4 because it's a Car you can see still very often driving around here on Mallorca and we liked the connection to the island.

What's the secret to your yummy coffee? 

A secret is a secret because you keep it ;-) We are working with fresh Milk from Menorca and Beans toasted in Sevilla. We try to use high-quality products and that makes the difference.

Cycling Cafés in Palma In Palma there are a few places you could check out if you didn’t get the chance to see our favorite ones. Honestly, they’re not our cup of tea, but they’re there ;) There’s The Workshop, owned and run by couple Jakub and Vili who offer great coffees and food. Jakub is the coach of the Polish National Paracycling Team and trains many professional cyclists. There’s the Rapha Mallorca clubhouse, a company and cycling gear brand from London, cyclists you’ll see around wearing this brand are most likely British, Dutch, or just hipsters ;-p. You can also get great coffee and food and it has a shop with own-brand products. On the same square, you will find the Café du Cycliste, who also have their own collection of road apparel, outdoor clothing, accessories and also do coffee.

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