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Squeezing Honey

Last week I had the joy of squeezing the honey out of honeycombs for the first time in my life… and I’ve wanted to do it for quite some time.My friend Sandra bought a place in Llucmajor, on the South East of Mallorca, and in the land she had 5 Honey-bee hives that used to belong to the old owner of the land and we got him to come and help us inspecting the hives which have been so long without any care. So we suited ourselves up, torches on, and on a cold starry evening we had a look at each one of them and we found 3 of them full of very healthy bees… and some very healthy looking honeycombs as well that we managed to take away, not without a few stings is worth saying.I’ve been a honey lover since I was a kid, and having the opportunity to get to learn how bees work, and to grab a heavy honeycomb in my bare hands and squeeze off some of this sweet golden liquid of richness, nourishment and sweetness it’s such a blessing and I feel so lucky for this gift of nature and Mallorca.Hives need a lot of maintenance for now, but all the work is so gratifying and it’s just a return of the favor with the honey bees that work so hard in producing such joyous treasure.

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