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A Winter Ride... 5 top tips for winter cycling clothing in Mallorca

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It's that time of the year again... yes, fall's almost gone and winter's almost here already (only just to be honest) so not many cyclists around right now enjoying their Cycling Holidays in Mallorca which leaves us the Cycling Guides and Private Cycling Tour operators with some extra time to actually enjoying the Cycling in Majorca and start some of the off season training and some little cheeky races too.

With the off season training arrive new gadgets (for me, and please don't be so surprised, it's been the heart rate monitor chest band) and with the winter cycling the extra clothing that we all need, especially skinny dudes like myself, for that morning chill and the occasional damp days. Wind breaker gilets, arm warmers, shoe covers, leg warmers, maybe extra gloves for those ones with bad blood circulation to avoid numb fingers....

The issue though is that it does not matter how much of time you get, you seem to always be in a rush to squeeze our rides in. In full honesty this is the time of the year Cycling Holidays in Mallorca start getting super busy and creative preparing all the Cycling Tours Packages, and Multi-activity Holidays for the up coming season, be it Winter Yoga and Cycling Packages,

Spring Cycling training Camps, Self-Guided Cycling Holidays or Custom Cycling Trips, it's now when we do the strategic alliances with Rural Bed and Breakfasts and Boutique Hotels, the local Restaurants we like to spoil our guests with, and also the wineries we stop for some Wine Tastings in our tours... and so on.

It's probably fair to say this is the time of the year when all the Cycling Holidays in Mallorca for 2015 get planned and thought.

So in all that rush, we're happy to find those 2 hours where we can for and ride our favourite cycling routes in Majorca (or Mallorca... uhhmm) so I've found myself with this little peculiar issue of dressing and undressing myself like 3 times every time I go for a ride... I Explain. So I'm not used to wearing the Heart Rate monitor... and to be honest I like non-bib cycling shorts, yes like the ladies ones. So now that I'm using both this is how my dressing up routine's been for the last few weeks:

- Put Bibs on

- Jersey on

- Realise I don't have the HR on

- Take jersey off... take bibs off

- Put HR on

- Put Jersey on

- Put Wind breaker gilet on

- Realise I don't have the Bibs on

- Take jersey, gilet off, put bibs on....

- And then I start remembering keys, gels, bars... ride's cut short half an hour yes...

Fall Cycling Mallorca.jpg

So in the interest of my rides being longer and offering some consumer advise for those active cycling tourist who follow this blog (and because I'm hoping is like those type of reminders that once you write them you don't really have to look at it because just by writing it you remember what you had to do) here it is Mills and Honey top tips for dressing up for Winter Cycling in Mallorca :-)

- Be naked (Silly but important... yes: CYCLING SHORTS are worn with nothing under them)

- Put HR on... unless of course you have some silly helmet which measures your HR up to 250Bpm

- Put bibs on

- Not essential, but actually putting the Arm Warmers right before the jersey makes it a little easier in my honest opinion (not a good look though)

- Jersey on

- Windbreaker on

- Socks on

- Get bars, gels, sunnies, and keys before gloves

- Gloves on

- Helmet on (YES wear your HELMET at ALL times)

- Shoes go write after front door for those o us who live in apartments and need to walk down the stairs...

- Enjoy your 2 hours ride :-)

Happy days!!!!

So there you go. Dress well, be efficient, keep warm, be safe and even in the winter, go for a ride!!!

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