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Mills and Honey Mallorca Testimonials

Well it's been a long time coming but after a busy season, and rather long as well, November it's been way too good with us locals in Mallorca and the majority of the time has been spend outdoors enjoying the cycling and hiking in Mallorca in what we call the "off season" (but more on that in our next blog post), so today finally we have our testimonials page ready.

A bit of a show off, but it's all happy days when we hear such great things from our happy guests. And to share this with all of you who read our aaaallll of our blog posts.... awkward silence.... here we left one of our most recent reviews from our guests from West Virginia in the US who came to Mallorca to celebrate their 20th anniversary and they chose none other than Mills and Honey Cycling Mallorca to plan and assist their self-guided trip. More blogging coming soon!!!

Everyone knows the "I never usually write reviews" review, but at the risk of being cliche- that's me. I never write reviews. And true to the format, I'm writing this review because the experience we had in Mallorca with Mills and Honey was so exceptional, I sincerely believe that something must be said about it.

My wife and I were planning a trip for our 20th Anniversary, and as avid cyclists, our attention was drawn to Mallorca, the famed winter training destination for many professional bike teams. Since this isn't necessarily a review of Mallorca itself, I'll sum this up quickly- it's a paradise for road cyclists, and the food, wine, culture, people and scenery are simply beyond the grasp of superlatives like "great" or 'breathtaking". In any case, if you're not familiar with Mallorca you can look it up for yourself, but be prepared to start looking for plane tickets afterwards.

Nonetheless, my wife and I have both have lifelong careers in the outdoor industry, and we know all too well that even a perfect destination like Mallorca can be screwed up with the wrong game plan. On one hand you might use a company to plan your trip that is completely tone deaf to what you're looking for, and you could get shuffled into a standard cut-and-paste itinerary that you may like or hate. Or you might try to plan the trip yourself, which can be great, but you also run the risk of missing all of the insider knowledge- which is really the same as missing everything.

This is where Alfonzo and Mills and Honey come in. Alfonso (or more awesomely "Fonz"), was spot on from the beginning. When we started to plan our self-guided trip, he not only asked us very specifically what we like to do, but actually listened very, very carefully. The result was a perfectly planned itinerary that lasted 8 days, and had the exact right mix of challenge and leisure for us. He also knows the island like the back of his hand and this allowed us to really get a comprehensive trip that combined the best scenery with the classic, not-to-miss bike routes.

The other thing Fonz brings to the table is that he seems to know everyone on the island- or at least all the right people. The places we stayed were great, and every night included a list of recommended restaurants, sometimes including what to order (follow his suggestions) and things to do. Each time we rolled into town to a new hotel, were always saying "yeah, this is perfect". Fonz was also able to get us reservations at small, special restaurants that- even if we knew existed- we wouldn't have been able to enjoy without his planning.

Finally, Fonz's level of organization was perfect. There was never a delay, or a feeling like something was going wrong. From the moment he picked us up at the airport to the moment he dropped us off, everything went like clockwork- which, honestly, can be a huge stress on a vacation if it's not handled correctly.

There are other small details and extras as well (like a Mallorca cookbook as a welcome gift!- a MUST read before you start) that made the whole experience that much better, but I'll let you discover those on your own when you book your trip with Fonz.

To be honest- it was really a trip of a lifetime, and I can't thank Fonz and his company enough for putting it all together for us. Not a day has gone by since we left where I haven't thought about how great of an anniversary we had. We were unbelievably lucky to stumble across Mills and Honey, and we couldn't give Alfonso a stronger recommendation.

-John (and Kara)

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