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Mallorca cycling routes from above

Last year we spent a few days going to our favourite cycling routes in Mallorca, and at ridiculous times to be honest, like Sa Calobra, Cap de Formentor Lighthouse and up to LLuc monastery via Col de Sa Bataia in an attempt to do some aerial filming of the most famous corners of the island and try to capture the sensations of what it is to come cycling around Mallorca and enjoying this dramatic and beautiful landscape on a bicycle.

We’re always in the search of new roads, new places to stops, new friends doing cool things in Majorca, and new angles to places and views we’ve been so many times before and Mallorca never stops to impress us, always coming up with new surprises showing us her dynamic landscape and personality, and keeping us motivated and happy to be here.

A few months later after having taken these few scenes, and a busy cycling season in between, we’ve been reviewing the shots and thought it would be great to share it with you. It’s nothing fancy. Just a few cyclists, riding along a very beautiful island, some exciting scenery, very tranquil music, no effects and hoping to be the least invasive we can so you get to be inspired and maybe feel what is like to be cycling such a stunning place.

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