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A week self guided in Mallorca with Mills & Honey

As a masterpiece in marketing strategy (or maybe we're just talking ourselves up) we are now asking our guests to tell us a little abut their experience in Mallorca with Mills and Honey Cycling Mallorca. It doesn't have to be a review or a testimonial, they can just tell us a little story about anything their whole trip or something in particular that made an impression on them.

The following is from Claire who kindly wrote this extensive complementary words about her self guided trip with her daughter Rose in March... thanks Claire:

Just got home from a cycling vacation in Mallorca with Mills & Honey that was one of the best I've ever had.

I've been going on cycling trips for over a decade, and I've tried groups, self-guided and self-supported tours. Each has their advantages, but I have to say in any combination the Mills & Honey trip was the best.

It started when I found the website online, which invited me to describe the kind of vacation I was looking for. The trip was bespoke from that point on. Alfonso, who runs the company, listened to who we were, what kind of riding we wanted to do, what we wanted to do off the bike, and then planned the perfect trip.

Each day gave us the choice of easy or hard riding, so we could choose the route that fit how we felt. All the routes were gorgeous, and not just because Mallorca is; more so, it was because of the routes Alfonso gave us. He avoided the well worn paths (and in March in Mallorca, there is a crowd of cyclists that's very hard to avoid) and sent us on back roads through olive and grape orchards, along stunning ocean side and cliff top roads, through piney high forests. The rides weren't just beautiful; they were balanced -- just challenging enough, never too hard to be enjoyable, never so easy as to be boring.

But it wasn't just the cycling that was so great. Each hotel was better than the last. The island is filled with great accommodations but not only did Alfonso pick the best spots for us in each town (and the best towns!), but he managed to get us the best rooms (overlooking the sea, balconies and breezes) in every one.

Last but not least, Alfonso is a connoisseur of fine cuisine, and the restaurants he recommended to us were in themselves worth the whole vacation -- from the high end, inventive and imaginative cooking of Spain at t's best, to the earthy, delicious, freshness of the native dishes.

So across the board - better rides, better hotels, better meals -- than I've gotten on any other bike tip. But to top it off, Alfonso himself is a great guy. He's smart, funny, interesting. He introduced us to wonderful people, and taught us so much about the island. He put up with all our special requests ("Can we hike today instead of ride?" And "can you change our dinner reservation for us?") with such generosity and good cheer that we never felt we were a burden to him. (That's a huge point for me. I've paid a lot more for other trip organizers who seemed to be impatient and irritated by any question I might have. Alfonso never made us feel that way, and found a perfect solution for any problem we posed for him).

The only bad part of this vacation is coming home. I wish life could be as beautiful, fun, rewarding and relaxing as it was when we were in Alfonso's care!

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